Quick Tips About Fender Flares

Quick Tips About Fender Flares

Quick Tips About Fender Flares

When it comes down to customizing the appearance of a 4×4, few truck accessories come to mind as quickly as fender flares. Not only they increase the looks of the vehicle by ranging from a modest and discreet look to a fierce and wild appearance that will leave your 4WD looking like an untamed beast, they also have the practical purpose of protecting the body of the truck from debris, mud, gravel and more. Besides that, it can also cover some imperfections on the vehicle, like rust spots or small damages. Fender flares are very popular, so that’s why we prepared these few tips about them.


Choosing the fender flares

Start from your truck. Since they are installed directly on the body of the truck, it is important that you buy fender flares that fit your vehicle perfectly. Even if you want to buy the most high-end fender flare kit in the market, if it doesn’t fit, it’s a waste of money.

Pay attention to what you really need. Most manufacturers will sell fender flares in sets of 4. However, there are sets that come with only the front or rear units. Do you need all four or are you just looking to replace a couple of damaged ones?

Know your style. There are different types of fender flares in the market, from the more discreet OEM Style to the off-road king Bolt Style. Understand the different ways that you can make your truck more like you want it. Also note if the flares can be painted on a later moment, unless you want to use the stock colour. PROTIP: even though the Bolt Style is characterized for its distinctives bolts that give the truck a tough appearance, most of the time those are just for looks and do not require any additional drilling. Always read the specifications before buying.

Understand the installation. It’s very common to find fender flares that are easy to install. Most of them will only take a few hours to do so, and lots of them won’t probably even need custom holes drilled into the vehicle to be correctly secured. However, it is important to always check the manufacturer’s specifications about the installation process, so you won’t find yourself unable to show off your brand new accessory as planned.



Read everything before starting. Few things are worse than starting an installation and not being able to keep going because you just missed an important piece of information. Read the installation guide thoroughly before starting.

Double check the fit. Try the fender flares out by holding them into place before starting the actual installation. Make sure they are right for your vehicle.

Grab the right tools. Can your fender flares be installed without modifying the body of the truck? If not, do you have everything that’s necessary to do it?

Watch out for that tape. Several fender flares come with a double-sided automotive tape that will help holding it in place. Be sure to install the tape as instructed, but just expose its second side at the very moment of the installation.


After you have installed your new fender flares, feel free to show them off or just step back and admire the new look of your 4×4 that is now more protected against dirt and debris. Take good care of them with adequate cleaning products and they are sure to last as long as your truck does. At Maple 4×4 we make sure that our customers have high quality options for truck accessories, and now that you understand more about Fender Flares, check out the options available on our website.