Finding the Right Side Step Bar for Your Truck

Finding the Right Side Step Bar for Your Truck

Finding the Right Side Step Bar for Your Truck

Without a doubt, pickup trucks are bigger than before and their most important change is not only their size but their height above the ground is also significant. Truck steps, running boards and nerf bars are highly useful and necessary for full-size trucks. These accessories are convenient to help you and your passengers to get in and out of your pickup easily and giving you a secure spot to step. However, there are some things that you need to know before choosing a set of side step bar among all the different options available. 

Getting the right Step Bar

The first thing you need to know is the year, make and model of your truck. Side step bars are made to fit specific vehicles. If you buy the wrong set of them, the holes in your pickup’s frame won’t line up with the bolts to attach them.  

The next step is to know the body style of your truck. Determine whether your vehicle is a crew cab, double cab, extended cab or a super cab. This is important because your truck’s style will establish the long of the step bar. 

The final step is to think and decide which style and colour of step bar would work best for you. Nerf bars, truck steps, and running boards are different among them, and each one will serve a different purpose and will give a particular look to your truck.

Side Step Bar Styles

Running Boards: This option covers the entire length of the step pad, making it very popular. It is the perfect style for your truck if you have a big family or a lot of people getting in and out of the vehicle. Running boards make easier the access to trucks because you can step anywhere on it. This accessory comes in different finishes, like black matte and stainless steel. These boards look more discreet than truck steps or nerf bars. 

Aluminum iBoard

Nerf Bars: Nerf bars have a more aggressive look than running boards. This accessory is a long metal tube that runs along the side of the cab and goes mounted to the truck’s frame. Contrary to the running boards, nerf bars generally only have step pads right below the doors of the pickup. This may be a disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for. Nerf bars, as well as running boards, come in black matte and stainless steel finishes. 

Side Step

Truck Steps: This type of accessory provides a step up in a specific area of the truck. Truck steps are shorter and cheaper than nerf steps and running boards, thereby their access is more limited. You can place them beneath your doors or on the sides of your box, and they can be mounted permanently or not. If you have a large family or a lot of people getting in and out of the truck, this option is not the best one.


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