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Bull Bar – More Than Just Aesthetics

Bull Bar – More Than Just Aesthetics

The 4WD vehicles populate the imagination of a lot of adventurers. The idea of the unstoppable machine that keeps passing over obstacles no matter the road conditions, or even the lack of roads, has inspired many. And with the trucks, comes the accessories. Over the decades, manufacturers have brought lots of advances in terms of technology, safety and customization. However, truck accessories play a huge part in the culture of owning a 4×4: they provide the vehicle and its passengers with extra possibilities of features, tools, comfort, safety and that personal touch that makes your vehicle even more unique and special. From the fender flare to the bull bar, it is important to understand the role of each part of the vehicle.


Bull bar

The bull bar was traditionally designed to protect the front of the vehicle from collisions. Its use became especially common in rural areas, where drivers may accidentally hit a trunk, a big stick, a rock or even a big animal with potential to damage or even destroy vital parts of the truck. It is also common to be found in police cars, adding the necessary toughness for pursuit maneuvers and ramming through simple structures. Besides the safety factor, which can be the difference between being stuck in the middle of nowhere and getting to your destination safely, the bull bar can also be used as a mounting point for other accessories such as lights. As a very welcome plus, the bull bar adds style to the truck, making it look tougher and wilder than regular bumpers and always ready for adventure.


Bull bars are most commonly made of steel or aluminium alloy, even though bull bars made from different materials, such as plastic, are becoming more popular. Steel makes for stronger structures, but are heavier and need more maintenance to avoid corrosion. While alloy is a much lighter material and more resistant to rust, it is not as tough as steel when it comes down to brute force and resistance. Truck owners need to assess their needs when buying this accessory in order to make the most out of their investment.


As you can see, just like many different truck accessories, bull bars have multiple purposes: it has visual appeal, making your truck nicer and tougher, and adding the personal touch of customizing your vehicle beyond the stock appearance; it provides safety features and protection against common dangers and obstacles found both on and off road; and it makes it easier to install more useful accessories, according to the driver’s preferences, making the truck the ultimate tool when exploring and defying the outdoors. At Maple 4×4, we always want to offer the best variety of truck accessories, be sure to check out our Bull Bars selection.