Benefits of iBoards to your truck

Benefits of iBoards to your truck

iBoard is designed to give your truck a stunning look and high quality feel. Most running boards in the market are round or oval. One of the Benefits of iBoards is that they are clean and modern – giving your truck a truly distinct look. 

iBoard’s are made of aluminum and heavy duty brackets that can support up to 300 lbs of weight. Some of the benefits of iBoard are that they’re comfortable and durable. Their ridged rubber tops provide solid, non slip and continuous footing along the entire length of the bar, which means these running boards will give you unparalleled access to your truck’s windshield, roof top and truck bed. 

To sustain the benefits of iBoards, make sure to clean them or just give them a good wash with the garden hose and they will look good as new. 

Product Feature : 

Massive wide solid one-piece bars, wide step area for secure footing.

Innovative patented iBoard design, clean and unique appearance to your vehicle.

• Aluminum Boards – the highest standard of rust and corrosion resistance.

The iBoard surface is covered with a full length, premium quality, UV resistant non-slip rubber pad.

If you just need to know what set of iBoard you need or want, check out our online inventory at or give us a call at (604) 729 3246. Our friendly sales stuff will be pleased to help you find the best products for your vehicle. We also provide FREE shipping to Canada and US!  

Best selection of Dodge Ram Fender Flares

Best selection of Dodge Ram Fender Flares

At Maple4x4, we offer the best selection of Dodge Ram Fender Flares parts and accessories. Maple4x4 has  a variety of accessories you want for your dodge ram fender flares, we offer quality products you will love with the best prices in BC, selling retail with wholesale prices so that you can shop with confidence!

Fender Flares come in a variety of styles, from low profile to big and bold. Most Flares do not require any cutting or drilling, Dodge ram fender Flares are perfect for extreme wheel and tire packages that need all the coverage they can get. These Flares are carefully designed to open the wheel well by cutting the Fender itself. This allows for maximum tire clearance it  also gives you the advantage of styling your vehicle for a unique limited edition look. Maple 4×4 has the best choice for you, which gives you the ability to style your vehicle in a variety of different ways.

Dodge ram Fender Flares are made to be very flexible  to endure  any  from the debris on the roads to the brush on the trails and any other elements that wear on them every day, dodge ram fender flares are designed to and maintain the style of your truck.

If you just need to know what set of fender flares you need or want, check out our online inventory at or give us a call (604) 729 3246. Our friendly sales stuff will be pleased to help you find the best products for your vehicle, we also provide FREE shipping to Canada and US!  

09-14 FORD F150 F150 Pocket-Riveted Style Black Fender Flares 4pcs Set

09-14 FORD F150 F150 Pocket-Riveted Style Black Fender Flares 4pcs Set

Our fender flares offer additional tire coverage and protection without looking cheap or flimsy. In fact, these fender flares have an extremely rugged bolted-on look. These fender flares are made from a unique poly material that is resists cracking, chipping or fading. The flares are also paintable should you decide that you want to have them custom painted. Fender flares are very easy to install right in your own garage. All you need is a little time since they are custom designed to use factory holes and there is no drilling or cutting required to get a perfect fit.

1 x Complete set of fender flares (4-pieces)
All mounting hardware and instruction


  • 100% UV Protection, No chalking, cracking, or warping
  • Pocket-riveted style fender flares are custom-designed for your specific application
  • Additional coverage for larger tire and wheel packages
  • Can improve appearance and styling dramatically
  • Paintable for matching with vehicles’ color
  • Direct bolt-on installation, no drilling or cutting required
  • Install using the existing factory holes
  • FREE Delivery to Canada and the U.S.


Few days to go fall season is about to start , it’s the perfect time to invest in a tonneau Cover to protect the bed of your truck and  provides the greatest value in protecting items that would otherwise be left out in the open. As a truck owner, using truck bed you’ll be filling the back of your truck with everything from valuable things and tools to two by fours,  Accessories such as tonneau covers for trucks can eliminate the threat of theft, and many truck tonneau selections come with locks for added security. spring might be one of your favorite seasons, but without a Tonneau Cover, it could be one of the worst for your truck bed.  here are some reasons to have tonneau cover to your truck



  • Reason to have tonneau cover to your truck bed is a major way to create better fuel efficiency for your truck.  cover gives an easy path and streamlines the movement of your car reducing the amount of gas you will use. In fact, it will improve your mileage by one mile per gallon.
  • You can store large items, bring heavy supplies to one place to another. With a tonneau cover,it will give your truck an added layer of security, and make it a less appealing target.
  • Truck beds are sensitive to the elements, because there is nothing stopping rain, hail, and intense sunlight from glaring down on it all day. Water can easily pool in such a flat surface. All of these things can cause a lot of damage to your truck. Tonneau covers do the important job of protecting your truck and making them last a longer and stronger lifespan.
  • one of the major reason to have tonneau cover to your truck while, making the long journey from point a to point b,  tonneau cover helps ensure that everything stays put and doesn’t fly out of your bed.



Quick Tips About Fender Flares

Quick Tips About Fender Flares

When it comes down to customizing the appearance of a 4×4, few truck accessories come to mind as quickly as fender flares. Not only they increase the looks of the vehicle by ranging from a modest and discreet look to a fierce and wild appearance that will leave your 4WD looking like an untamed beast, they also have the practical purpose of protecting the body of the truck from debris, mud, gravel and more. Besides that, it can also cover some imperfections on the vehicle, like rust spots or small damages. Fender flares are very popular, so that’s why we prepared these few tips about them.


Choosing the fender flares

Start from your truck. Since they are installed directly on the body of the truck, it is important that you buy fender flares that fit your vehicle perfectly. Even if you want to buy the most high-end fender flare kit in the market, if it doesn’t fit, it’s a waste of money.

Pay attention to what you really need. Most manufacturers will sell fender flares in sets of 4. However, there are sets that come with only the front or rear units. Do you need all four or are you just looking to replace a couple of damaged ones?

Know your style. There are different types of fender flares in the market, from the more discreet OEM Style to the off-road king Bolt Style. Understand the different ways that you can make your truck more like you want it. Also note if the flares can be painted on a later moment, unless you want to use the stock colour. PROTIP: even though the Bolt Style is characterized for its distinctives bolts that give the truck a tough appearance, most of the time those are just for looks and do not require any additional drilling. Always read the specifications before buying.

Understand the installation. It’s very common to find fender flares that are easy to install. Most of them will only take a few hours to do so, and lots of them won’t probably even need custom holes drilled into the vehicle to be correctly secured. However, it is important to always check the manufacturer’s specifications about the installation process, so you won’t find yourself unable to show off your brand new accessory as planned.



Read everything before starting. Few things are worse than starting an installation and not being able to keep going because you just missed an important piece of information. Read the installation guide thoroughly before starting.

Double check the fit. Try the fender flares out by holding them into place before starting the actual installation. Make sure they are right for your vehicle.

Grab the right tools. Can your fender flares be installed without modifying the body of the truck? If not, do you have everything that’s necessary to do it?

Watch out for that tape. Several fender flares come with a double-sided automotive tape that will help holding it in place. Be sure to install the tape as instructed, but just expose its second side at the very moment of the installation.


After you have installed your new fender flares, feel free to show them off or just step back and admire the new look of your 4×4 that is now more protected against dirt and debris. Take good care of them with adequate cleaning products and they are sure to last as long as your truck does. At Maple 4×4 we make sure that our customers have high quality options for truck accessories, and now that you understand more about Fender Flares, check out the options available on our website.

Bull Bar – More Than Just Aesthetics

Bull Bar – More Than Just Aesthetics

The 4WD vehicles populate the imagination of a lot of adventurers. The idea of the unstoppable machine that keeps passing over obstacles no matter the road conditions, or even the lack of roads, has inspired many. And with the trucks, comes the accessories. Over the decades, manufacturers have brought lots of advances in terms of technology, safety and customization. However, truck accessories play a huge part in the culture of owning a 4×4: they provide the vehicle and its passengers with extra possibilities of features, tools, comfort, safety and that personal touch that makes your vehicle even more unique and special. From the fender flare to the bull bar, it is important to understand the role of each part of the vehicle.


Bull bar

The bull bar was traditionally designed to protect the front of the vehicle from collisions. Its use became especially common in rural areas, where drivers may accidentally hit a trunk, a big stick, a rock or even a big animal with potential to damage or even destroy vital parts of the truck. It is also common to be found in police cars, adding the necessary toughness for pursuit maneuvers and ramming through simple structures. Besides the safety factor, which can be the difference between being stuck in the middle of nowhere and getting to your destination safely, the bull bar can also be used as a mounting point for other accessories such as lights. As a very welcome plus, the bull bar adds style to the truck, making it look tougher and wilder than regular bumpers and always ready for adventure.


Bull bars are most commonly made of steel or aluminium alloy, even though bull bars made from different materials, such as plastic, are becoming more popular. Steel makes for stronger structures, but are heavier and need more maintenance to avoid corrosion. While alloy is a much lighter material and more resistant to rust, it is not as tough as steel when it comes down to brute force and resistance. Truck owners need to assess their needs when buying this accessory in order to make the most out of their investment.


As you can see, just like many different truck accessories, bull bars have multiple purposes: it has visual appeal, making your truck nicer and tougher, and adding the personal touch of customizing your vehicle beyond the stock appearance; it provides safety features and protection against common dangers and obstacles found both on and off road; and it makes it easier to install more useful accessories, according to the driver’s preferences, making the truck the ultimate tool when exploring and defying the outdoors. At Maple 4×4, we always want to offer the best variety of truck accessories, be sure to check out our Bull Bars selection.

Finding the Right Side Step Bar for Your Truck

Finding the Right Side Step Bar for Your Truck

Without a doubt, pickup trucks are bigger than before and their most important change is not only their size but their height above the ground is also significant. Truck steps, running boards and nerf bars are highly useful and necessary for full-size trucks. These accessories are convenient to help you and your passengers to get in and out of your pickup easily and giving you a secure spot to step. However, there are some things that you need to know before choosing a set of side step bar among all the different options available. 

Getting the right Step Bar

The first thing you need to know is the year, make and model of your truck. Side step bars are made to fit specific vehicles. If you buy the wrong set of them, the holes in your pickup’s frame won’t line up with the bolts to attach them.  

The next step is to know the body style of your truck. Determine whether your vehicle is a crew cab, double cab, extended cab or a super cab. This is important because your truck’s style will establish the long of the step bar. 

The final step is to think and decide which style and colour of step bar would work best for you. Nerf bars, truck steps, and running boards are different among them, and each one will serve a different purpose and will give a particular look to your truck.

Side Step Bar Styles

Running Boards: This option covers the entire length of the step pad, making it very popular. It is the perfect style for your truck if you have a big family or a lot of people getting in and out of the vehicle. Running boards make easier the access to trucks because you can step anywhere on it. This accessory comes in different finishes, like black matte and stainless steel. These boards look more discreet than truck steps or nerf bars. 

Aluminum iBoard

Nerf Bars: Nerf bars have a more aggressive look than running boards. This accessory is a long metal tube that runs along the side of the cab and goes mounted to the truck’s frame. Contrary to the running boards, nerf bars generally only have step pads right below the doors of the pickup. This may be a disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for. Nerf bars, as well as running boards, come in black matte and stainless steel finishes. 

Side Step

Truck Steps: This type of accessory provides a step up in a specific area of the truck. Truck steps are shorter and cheaper than nerf steps and running boards, thereby their access is more limited. You can place them beneath your doors or on the sides of your box, and they can be mounted permanently or not. If you have a large family or a lot of people getting in and out of the truck, this option is not the best one.


Maple4x4 has the accessories and parts you want for your truck in Vancouver. We specialized on side step bar iBoards, with a patented design inspired by iPhone style, it has a unique look with style and durable design. The iBoard running board comes in two different sizes to choose: 4” and 5”; and a contemporary silver/black design that gives your truck an outstanding impression.

We offer quality products at wholesale prices. Check out our online inventory and contact us at (604) 729 3246. Our friendly sales staff will be pleased to help you find the best products for the model, year and make of your vehicle. We provide FREE Delivery to Canada and the U.S.!

Hop In: Maple4x4’s Vancouver Truck Accessories

Hop In: Maple4x4’s Vancouver Truck Accessories

About Us

Maple 4×4 provides an extensive amount of Vancouver truck accessories including bull bars, fender flares, side step bars, and tonneau covers. We strive to provide the best product quality and deals, even including shipping on most of our products within Canada!


The Vancouver Truck Accessories

Our tonneau covers are extremely high quality for the purpose of completely protecting the back of your truck, and the majority are free to ship right to your door. Wider selections of side step bars are coming soon to fit your truck model perfectly and to give both your legs and your truck a boost. Fender flares are an accessory available to most trucks and come in packages of 4 pieces to place above every tire and match the contoured bodyline. Finally, our bull bars (otherwise known as moose bumpers here in Canada) alleviate incoming front-end collisions and strengthen your truck to protect the vulnerable front-end components.

Contact us by calling (604) 729-3246 or by emailing us at for more information regarding our products and services. We’re more than happy to help with any decisions or concerns you may have!