Benefits of iBoards to your truck

Benefits of iBoards to your truck

Benefits of iBoards to your truck

iBoard is designed to give your truck a stunning look and high quality feel. Most running boards in the market are round or oval. One of the Benefits of iBoards is that they are clean and modern – giving your truck a truly distinct look. 

iBoard’s are made of aluminum and heavy duty brackets that can support up to 300 lbs of weight. Some of the benefits of iBoard are that they’re comfortable and durable. Their ridged rubber tops provide solid, non slip and continuous footing along the entire length of the bar, which means these running boards will give you unparalleled access to your truck’s windshield, roof top and truck bed. 

To sustain the benefits of iBoards, make sure to clean them or just give them a good wash with the garden hose and they will look good as new. 

Product Feature : 

Massive wide solid one-piece bars, wide step area for secure footing.

Innovative patented iBoard design, clean and unique appearance to your vehicle.

• Aluminum Boards – the highest standard of rust and corrosion resistance.

The iBoard surface is covered with a full length, premium quality, UV resistant non-slip rubber pad.

If you just need to know what set of iBoard you need or want, check out our online inventory at or give us a call at (604) 729 3246. Our friendly sales stuff will be pleased to help you find the best products for your vehicle. We also provide FREE shipping to Canada and US!